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Froi... referred to as the groups think tank. His head has lots of ideas that when it starts to pop, it just keeps on popping and popping and popping...

He's a business-minded person and is updated with current events. This kind-hearted guy can be moody and sensitive at times. He can be serious and funny at the same time...


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Olan is the most senior in the group. He started his career in a band doing covers in gigs. He composes and arranges songs for the group and serves as their voice coach. If you ask what more can this guy do? Well, one sure thing is that he can fill the air with laughter everytime he cracks a joke out of the blue...


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Piwee is the guy to hangout with if you're into sports. He is always mistaken as a snob...where in fact, he is the friendliest among the four. Talent truly runs in his blood 'coz his folks were performers as well. Hmmmmm...can you even imagine what his future kids would be?


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Symon is the youngest among the four. He joined the group in 1999, but entered the 'biz when he was 6. This affectionate and loyal friend treats his PC as a baby. He enjoys swimming, eating and...SLEEPING. By joining Jeremiah, he was able to further explore his talent in singing.


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