The Group's History

     Jeremiah continued on by doing their second album. Before they were able to release the self-titled album,  Vehnee Saturno offered the group to interpret his entry to the country's most prestigious song festival, The Metropop. The song was tailor made for the group, the intention was to divide the parts equally to the members of the group. Unfortunately though, Glenn (who grew up in the US) had difficulty pronouncing the lyrics while Froi got hospitalized. Lucky still, the entry made it to the final 12. The group was not so prepared for the event, handicapped by not having a choreographer. Jeremiah rehearsed in two days... and with sheer determination... won 3rd place!


     The Metropop 2000 victory came after the group won "Most Popular Group Singer" in the Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Foundation, and " Best New Group Recording Artist" in the Awit Awards.


      Jeremiah's recording contract is about to expire when they acquired the services of a new manager in the person of  Ms. June Rufino. The group realized that they need an experienced manager to handle their career if they want to pursue its unprecedented success. With the guidance of Ms. Rufino, the group had closed a better deal with a new record label.


       Year 2001 was a very busy year for Jeremiah. The group was performing from north to south with an overwhelming response from fans from all walks of life. They were booked to perform with the world famous Ballet Manila for the rest of the year in "Ballet and Ballads" alongside Lani Misalucha. Jeremiah was also privileged to have been a guest in the album of Ms. Ivy Violan and Servant of All 2 album.


     Viva Entertainment has entrusted Jeremiah to sing the theme song of the movie "ABAKADA... Ina". The song "Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan" was written by a national artist for music, Mr. Lucio San Pedro.


     By September of 2001, Jeremiah was privileged to be a part of Jaya's Araneta concert entitled "Jaya Unleashed Live". They, along with Ms. Regine Velasquez and others, serenaded the audience and performed spot numbers with Jaya. The album of this concert was released in November and proved to be a hit just like the concert.


     And now, Jeremiah is pleased to launch their official website through the services of Judges Web Design, Inc. We hope you will enjoy your stay...