Jeremiah on Jaya Unleashed Live Album

by: Joy Kesumbing

     Jaya, the "Soul Diva", has released her album "Unleashed" in mid of 2001. VIVA Concerts staged a major concert for the diva entitled "Jaya Unleashed... Live" a month later at the Araneta Coliseum.

     The concert was recorded for television and a live album. It was a successful concert notwithstanding a typhoon at the metropolis. "Jaya Unleashed Live" is a showcase of the diva's versatility and diverse musical influence. Joining her for the concert are Rico Blanco of Rivermaya, Jay Durias of South Border, Ely Buendia of Eraserheads, Wency Cornejo, KC Montero, Ms. Regine Velasquez and of course Jeremiah.

    Jeremiah performed a duet with Jaya for the medley of "Swear It Again"(Westlife), "This I Promise You"(NSync) and "Shape Of My Heart"(BSB). The group also performed a spot number singing "I Care About You" which was originally done by the Milestone.

     It was Jeremiah's pleasure performing on stage with Jaya....

     The group is very thankful for being a part of that concert's success and is glad to announce that "JAYA UNLEASHED... LIVE" is now available in record bars. Do grab a copy and experience the music of Jaya and her friends!