Jeremiah on Ivy Violan's New Album

by: Jojo Villafuerte

     Jeremiah was very pleased upon knowing that Ms. Ivy Violan wanted them to guest in her album. Apparently,  Ms. Violan heard the group's rendition of Selena's "Dreaming of You" in their second album. The diva will revive the late superstar's hit single "I Could Fall In Love" and thought of singing it with the group.

     The album's title is "Ivy At The Movies", you can surely tell what the album is all about from the title alone. The concept of doing movie theme songs in an album is unbeatable. Most people could relate to the songs because chances are, they saw the movies from which these songs came from.

     Jeremiah recorded their part of the song a day before Ms. Violan recorded her part. The group didn't actually hear the song until it was released in the market. They were the first ones to buy a copy of the album because they were not sure if they had done good. I have a copy of it myself, and I think, their duet is just awesome.

    "Ivy At The Movies" is now available in CDs and Cassettes. Get a copy and you be the JUDGE!