"Basta't Ikaw..." Album

by: Miguel Pizzaro

     Jeremiah recently released their third album entitled "Basta't Ikaw...". This is their first album with VIVA RECORDS after signing with them in the last quarter of 2000.

     It took them a year finishing this album because they wanted to give you an album you'll enjoy listening to. The group produced almost all  the songs and composed much of it to give the listeners variety and flavor that  you wouldn't have to skip  a song. "Basta't Ikaw..." has 14 cuts, 5 of which are English and 9 are Filipino songs. Included in the album are 5 revivals which are "Yakap Yakap" by Randy Santiago, "Your Love" by Alamid, "Sana'y Pangarap Mo Rin" by Zsazsa Padilla, "Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan", a song previously released by the group as a carrier for the soundtrack of the movie ABAKADA...INA and "Annie's Song" by the late John Denver. "Annie's Song" was done in acapella and was arranged by Olan. Froi produced a couple of songs in the album, one of which is "Outcage", a dance cut, the other one is "Hush", an R&B song you'll fall in love with. Symon, on the other hand, composed  "Hanggang Dito Na Lang Ba?", he produced the said song and the revival "Your Love" . The song "I Need You Here To Stay" was composed and produced by Piwee.

     The group, knowing that people would want to hear the sound they always knew in Jeremiah, came up with songs like "Masaktan Man Ako", "Maaari Bang Sabihin" (both composed and produced by Olan), "Basta't Ikaw" and "Wala Akong Magagawa" (produced and written by veteran composer Freddie Saturno). Giving spice to the album is the song "Ikaw ang Himala", an R&B Filipino song which was produced by the group.

     The carrier single of the album entitled "Basta't Ikaw" is now being aired on radio stations all around the country. 

         Do get a copy of their latest album... We hope that you'll enjoy listening to it...