Jeremiah's Official Fanclub (JOFC)

by: Marie Villarba

       Jeremiah had a successful fans day recently. It was held at the Star City Theatre in CCP Complex. In that same day, the Jeremiah Official Fan Club (JOFC), was born.

      JOFC  was formulated by the group themselves. This was the realization of their willingness to give back to their supporters the gratitude they rightfully deserve. Any artists' success depends not only on talent but more on the appreciation of their audience, and Jeremiah is aware of this... that is why they wanted to have a venue wherein they could relate to their fans.


      In as much as Jeremiah would like to accept members abroad, we can only accept members locally for the meantime. JOFC International will be launched in the near future, so keep visiting this site for updates. Meanwhile, applicants can download the application form from this site. Members will be given a fan kit which will include the following: JOFC I.D. valid for 2 years, signed poster and postcard, discounts on Jeremiah merchandise items, and an official pin.


      In connection with the upcoming release of Jeremiah's third album, the group will have a promotion tour and is planning on meeting with their fans from different chapters which will be created soon.


     Also, Jeremiah merchandise items will be available soon. JOFC members are entitled to big discounts as a sign of the groups' appreciation for their support. We will keep you informed about this, so visit this site often.


     JEREMIAH.COM.PH  is encouraging fans to contribute to this website by sending letters for the group. We will post your letters and the group's reply at our Fan Mail section. Members of this site can avail of free wallpapers, winamp skins and a lot more.


     What are you waiting for??? JOIN THE FUN AND APPLY NOW!!!