Official launch of JEREMIAH.COM.PH

by: Teresa Tejada

   Jeremiah officially launches their new website with a new address. Jeremiah.Com.Ph is now powered by Judges Web Design, Inc. (JWDI).

    Since the launch of the original site in 2000, Jeremiah has been opting to get a more personalized domain name. Through the services of DotPH, Inc., this idea turned to reality.

    We interviewed the designers of this site and asked them a few questions. Here they are:

Q: What major changes have you done in this site?

A:  "First, as compared to the previous sites, this one is more interactive. As you can see, the navigation is in flash mode, meaning, there are more animations and it is much easier browsing the entire site. Second, We have regrouped the sections to a more user-friendly setup. By clicking on the navigation, visitors can easily find their selected section in a flash. No more waiting for pages to load. With the Flash Nav, we have utilized surfing time. Third, we have finally come up with individual sites for each of the members of the group. One can easily click on the link below to browse through their sites. With this, we have somewhat condensed our profiles section. Finally, the main reason why we call our new site Interactive is because of the fact that we opted to somehow balance the contents of the site. Meaning, Jeremiah.Com.Ph is not only focused on the group and its members but also focused on their visitors. We have included a members section wherein frequent visitors and fans of the group can have their own free e-mail under the domain and a lot more. Also, we added a fanclub section where visitors and fans can meet and interact with one another..."


Q: Funny but, What took you so long to make this website?

A: "Hahaha...Actually, since we took over the maintenance and design of this site, we have been gathering materials and other infos. Also, our clients were so "demanding", so to speak, that is why every little aspect of this site has been modified again and again..."


Q: Lastly, how often do you plan on updating the site?

A: "We plan on updating the site at least once every month but in some cases, we might not have sufficient materials to do as that. That is why, we are also hoping for the submissions of the visitors of this site. The more infos, comments and suggestions we get, the more you can expect us to update the site..."


    The group and JWDI is really excited with this launch. They are hoping that you, the visitors, would like it. For your comments and suggestions or if you have more questions to ask our web designers or the group, write us at