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Jeremiah has recently launched its official fanclub. The group intends to accept applicants to further communicate and relate to them. In almost four years now, Jeremiah is very thankful for its supporters for without them... their efforts and talents would have gone in vain.

With this, fans can interrelate and have activities not only with the group... but with other fans as well. Members will be given an official JOFC I.D., special discounts for Jeremiah merchandise items, signed postcard and poster & an official pin.

For now, the Jeremiah Official Fanclub is for Philippine residents only. We will make the JOFC available international as soon as we finalize its draft. 

Furthermore, we would like to organize different chapters for every city in the country. The group plans to schedule an event with its chapter members in line with its tours throughout the country. Officers for different chapters as well as the national officers will be elected afterwards.

To join the fanclub, click here.

For inquiries, e-mail to




The JOFC directory

 is available only for its members.

 If you want to get in touch with other members,

the Jeremiah Secretariat

can provide you a copy of the directory.

Send us a SASE at

Jeremiah, P.O. Box 2891, MCPO, Makati City, Philippines